All Around the Table

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All Around the Table: Preserving and Celebrating Seniors’ Food Knowledge

A vegetable garden, laying hens, a fishing boat, berry grounds: when our grandparents were younger, the grocery store was out the back door. Since then, however, Newfoundland and Labrador has become increasingly dependent upon an uncertain global food system, disruptions to which are being felt more frequently on the tables of families here, leading communities to seek more sustainable and healthy local alternatives.

In our search we can look to the traditional ways of growing, preserving, and preparing our food that still make sense today. These traditions live on in the knowledge of older generations; wisdom that has been captured in these 12 interviews with seniors from Eastern Newfoundland who share their personal food stories. As a collection these interviews shed light on how the way forward towards a better food system begins by looking for inspiration in our past.

Scroll to the bottom to learn about the wonderful people and organizations that made this project possible!

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Thank You!

FSN would like to thank the following individuals for volunteering to star in these videos:

Lewis Cole

Wilbert Dawe

Jim Fitzpatrick

Mary Hanlon

Mary Lee

Bride Martin

Bride Power

Leonard Ruby

Frances Saunders

Merv Tilley

Leo Walsh

Edward ‘Ned’ Yetman


Thank you very much to the organizations, their volunteers and staff, whose partnerships were vital to this project:

Carbonear Parks and Recreation Commission

Donna Nolan, Regional Nutritionist with Eastern Health

Father Val Power Learning Centre, Riverhead, St. Mary’s Bay

Mary Ennis, Seniors Resource Centre

Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice, St. John’s

St. Patrick’s Organic Community Garden, Carbonear

Town of Carbonear

Turk’s Gut Heritage House, Marysvale


FSN would also like to thank the artists and creative businesses that contributed to these videos:

Dan Ficken- original music (

Heavy Weather- film production (

Perfect Day- design (


Funding provided by Government of Canada- New Horizons for Seniors Program