Local food recipes galore! Start from the garden, the field, the farmers’ market or your CSA box, and bring it all together for delicious, sustainable, Newfoundland and Labrador inspired local food meals all year-round. Do you have a recipe or link to share? Post them on the Forum page!

Blogs & Websites with many excellent local food recipes




Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program


Get Local BC

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

Great Meals for a Change : Recipes By the Season

Mariquita Farm

Native American Recipes

Radishes & Rhubarb

Salad Pride

Scoff Cove Recipes (NL Interactive)

Seed to Spoon (A food blog, not the NL CSA)

Sustainable Table

Wild Game Recipes


Search Engines

Food Blog Search

Super Natural Recipe Search



Individual Recipes


Apple cinnamon oatmeal : use local apples or any other local fruit (Lindsay Cooks)

Baked apples (Simply Recipes)

Blender crepes (Culinate)

Blueberry lemon breakfast cornbread (Fête)

Blueberry muffins (Bonnie the Baker)

Butternut pancakes (Root Cellars Rock!) inspired by Pumpkin pancakes (Dishing the Divine)

Couscous with fresh fruit (Veggie num num)

Fruit bars (EatingWell)

Indian spiced vegetable fritters (Smitten Kitchen)

Kale and ricotta frittata (Jane Spice)

Partridgeberry muffins (Downhome)

Poached eggs with arugula, basil and oregano (Root Cellars Rock!)

Pumpkin muffins (Erin Cooks)

Raspberry and rhubarb breaksfast muffins (Kitsch in the Kitchen)

Scallion and black pepper crepes with heirloom tomatoes (Pamela Lanier’s B & B Inns)

Spinach quinoa muffins (dandysugar)

Squash and spinach frittata (Canadian Living)



Asparagus and spring onion risotto (The Year in Food)

Asparagus popover (Always With Butter)

Braised leeks (Simply Recipes)

Butternut squash mac n’ cheeze- vegan (Oh She Glows)

Butternut squash with goats cheese and sage (tastespotting: the blog)

Cabbage rolls (Chocolate Shavings)

Collard rolls with garlic cashew aioli (Hook Mountain Growers)

Curried greens (Weil)

Curry parsnip fries (The Gracious Pantry)

Garlicky greens (101 Cookbooks)

Green beans with thyme and almonds (Simply Recipes)

Irish nachos (What’s Gaby Cooking)

Kale and potato enchiladas (Cole’s Kitch)

Mashed potatoes, rutabaga and parsnips (Sweet Savory Planet)

Mushroom tartlet (SnailsView)

Onion tarts (Downhome)

Pan-fried radish cake (The Malaysian Cuisine)

Potsticker radishes (Modern Beet)

Red lentil and winter squash dal (Culinate)

Raw pate with collard wraps (The Raw Foods Witch)

Roasted parsnips (Simply Recipes)

Sesame green beans (Asian Supper)

Sicilian swiss chard and feta tart (Project Foodie)

Smoked paprika potatoes (The Bake-off Flunkie)

Spinach pancakes (Scandi Foodie)

Squash blossoms, stuffed with goat’s cheese and pan-fried (Veggie…test kitchen…)

Stuffed yellow peppers with spicy swiss chard and scallion pilaf (Food & Wine)

Sunwich pita pizzas (Kitchen Caravan)

Toasted squash seeds (Tastespotting)

Turnips with bread crumbs and parsley (Epicurious)

Vegetable cutlet (Foodie Ann’s Inspirations)

Warm black bean and veggie wraps (for the love of sunday)

Zucchini enchiladas (Gina’s Skinny Recipes)

Zucchini fritters (Budget Bytes)



Asparagus salad with roasted red pepper and shaved parmesan (Daytona Daily News)

Beetroot and pearl barley salad (The British Larder)

Chickpea, tomato, lemon and mint salad (Technicolor Kitchen)

Fried red tomato and grilled chicken salad (Rock Recipes)

Kohlrabi salad (Orangette)

Leek, fennel, pear salad with peas and mint (Six Course Dinner)

Nutrition Month carrot and seed salad (Root Cellars Rock!)

Radish salad (Give Recipe)

Rainbow salad (Be Nourished with Rebecca Wood)

Red cabbage coleslaw with apples and golden raisins (Thrifty Foods)

Roasted butternut squash salad with blue cheese vinaigrette (The Sweet’s Life)

Strawberry and mixed green salad with poppyseed vinaigrette (The Comfort of Cooking)

Summer tomato, yellow bean and bulgur salad (Mighty Foods)

Quinoa cranberry salad with garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds : try making it with fresh local cranberries or blueberries (Eden Organic)


Soups, Stews & Chili

Black bean stew with butternut squash (Liv Life)

Carrot cilantro soup (manifest: vegan)

Celery root soup (David Lebovitz)

Chard and lentil soup (Culinate)

Chicken soup (Beyond Kimchee)

Curried red lentil, swiss chard, and chickpea stew (linden & rosemary)

Early autumn minestrone (Jamie Oliver)

Fresh tomato soup (Former Chef)

Hearty potato leek soup (Pinch My Salt)

Korean spicy green onion and beef soup (Week of Menus)

Portuguese cabbage soup (Honest Cooking)

Pumpkin celeriac soup (Jungle Frog Cooking)

Roasted parsnip and apple soup (Guilty Kitchen)

Rustic cabbage soup (101 Cookbooks)

Spicy collards and black-eyed pea soup (FatFree Vegan Kitchen)

Squash and carrot stew (Kitchen Parade)

Stinging nettles soup (Scandi Foodie)

St. John’s stout stew (Rock Recipes)

Thai-spiced pumpkin soup (101 Cookbooks)

Taleshko vareno- Bulgarian beef soup (The world of food and cooking)

Turkey soup (Simply Recipes)

Vegetarian chili (Sprout and Pea)

White bean and kale soup with roasted sausages and tomatoes (My Kitchen Addiction)

Zucchini garlic soup (the kitchen)



Buttermilk white bread (Collaborative Curry)

Carrot walnut bread : gluten free (Scandi Foodie)

Carrot poppy spelt dinner rolls (Angie’s Recipe)

Cheddar dill scones (Authentic Suburban Gourmet)

Cottage cheese rolls (Bite My Cake, scroll down for English translation)

Easter paska (Edible Toronto)

Freezer biscuits (Real Mom Kitchen)

Garam masala butternut bread (Marmande in the Kitchen)

Herb bread (The Culinary Chronicles)

Honeyed porridge bread (Tea and Wheaten Bread)

Irish soda bread (CaffeIna)

Loaded baked potato bread (girl versus dough)

Naan (Tasty Kitchen)

Potato flat bread (Scandi Foodie)

Potato wheat bread with nuts and seeds (Noshings)

Whole grain roasted garlic and rosemary bread (Perry’s Plate)

Zucchini bread (The Gracious Pantry)



Apple butter (Simply Recipes)

Blackberry and apple jam (The Cottage Smallholder)

Bottled dandelion greens (Bidgood’s)

Dogberry jelly (

Green bean chutney (Nose to Tail at Home)

Green tomato and apple chutney (Star Chefs)

Pickled beets (Cookbook Archaeology)

Pickled carrots and daikon (Food in Jars)

Pickled green tomatoes (Closet Cooking)

Pickled plums (One Perfect Bite)

Pickle recipes (How to Pickle)

Rose-hip jam and jelly (Simply Recipes)

Rosemary rhubarb jam (Food in Jars)

Salsa (Great-Salsa)

Squashberry jelly (Bidgood’s)

Sweet & sour pickled green beans (The British Larder)

Zucchini relish (A Veggie Venture)


Meat, Fish & Wild Game

Baked rabbit and vegetables (Misshomemade)

Beef Recipes (Whispering Meadows Family Farm)

Caribou stew with pearl onions and mushrooms (Bidgood’s)

Fish and potato pie (The Little Teochew)

Fish cakes (

Fish stew (Simply Recipes)

Lamb shepherd’s pie (Good Mood Food)

Lemony fish with sauteed kale and heirloom carrots (Scandi Foodie)

Moose burgers (

Newfoundland savoury fish (Tidespoint)

Udon pork noodle bowl (Guilty Kitchen)

Whole chicken in a slow cooker (the little kitchen)

Zucchini wrapped lamb kebabs in sweet tomato sauce (Ohh, Look…Food & Craft)



Beetroot juice (Scandi Foodie)

Blueberry rooibos iced tea (Canadian Living)

Classy Cranberry Milkshake (Root Cellars Rock!)

Cranberry Kick Smoothie (Root Cellars Rock!)

Green smoothies (Green Monster Movement)

Lavender mint lemonade (Everybody Likes Sandwiches)


Dips, Spreads, Sauces & Condiments

Butter (Survival Girl)

Cranberry butter (Tasty Kitchen)

Cranberry relish (Simply Recipes)

Crème fraiche (Food Wishes Video Recipes)

Garlic scape pesto (Closet Cooking)

Green chutney (tarladalal)

Horseradish (Simply Recipes)

Kale pesto (treehugger)

Roasted garlic and white bean dip (rainy day gal)

Spanish romesco sauce : try making it with freshly roasted peppers (Simply Recipes)

Spiced blueberry sauce

Spicy sage and parsley pesto (Nourish Network)


Desserts & Treats

Bakeapple recipes (Tidespoint)

Bakeapple bread pudding (Rock Recipes)

Bakeapple tarts (NJR Ryan)

Berry crumble (Knuckle Salad)

Berry tart (Scandi Foodie)

Blueberry almond cookies (Eat Yet?)

Blueberry duff (Rock Recipes)

Blueberry streusel (Bring Me Sugar)

Chocolate beet tea loaf with 3 variations(Luna Cafe)

Cranberry bread (Culinate)

Cranberry oatmeal cookies (Coconut & Lime)

Maple parsnip cake (mix.bake.stir)

Minty syrup (SnailsView)

Partridgeberry inside-out cupcakes (Rock Recipes)

Plum pudding (Tomayto Tomaaahto)

Pumpkin biscotti with cranberries and pecans (The Sweets Life)

Pumpkin chai bread : gluten free (Scandi Foodie)

Pumpkin molasses crinkle cookies (Behind the Skillet)

Rhubarb and raspberry crostata (Scandi Foodie)

Rhubarb strawberry frozen yogurt (Scandi Foodie)

Spelt rhubarb cake with cinnamon crunch (Scandi Foodie)

Strawberry Recipes