Canning, jams, jellies, pickles

Note: Not all of the recipes on this page are meant to be preserved for a long shelf life. Pay close attention to which recipes recommend refrigeration after they are made, and which ones can be safely canned.

For more information on safe canning practices refer to the Canning/Bottling Food Skills Workshop.

Root Cellars Rock Recipes

Easy one-jar fridge jam, no canning required

Pickled vegetables, lacto-fermentation 

Recipe Collections

Ball canning


Canning salsa recipes & tips (Great-Salsa)

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Pickle recipes (How to Pickle)

Other Recipe Links

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Blackberry and apple jam (The Cottage Smallholder)

Bottled dandelion greens (Bidgood’s)

Dogberry jelly (

Freezer pickles, no canning required (The Meaning of Pie)

Double-mint blueberry jam (The Herb Companion)

Green bean chutney (Nose to Tail at Home)

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Pickled asparagus (Food in Jars)

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Pickled green beans, refrigerate, not canned (Culinate)

Pickled green tomatoes (Closet Cooking)

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Pickled red onions (Cook, a oui chef journal)

Pickled rhubarb (4th & 15th)

Rhubarb honey compote (Piccante Dolce)

Rhubarb, strawberry, pineapple heavenly jam (Rock Recipes)

Rhubarb orange compote (Our Lady of Second Helpings)

Rose-hip jam and jelly (Simply Recipes)

Rosemary rhubarb jam (Food in Jars)

Squashberry jelly (Bidgood’s)

Strawberry conserve (the spinning plate)

Sweet & sour pickled green beans (The British Larder)

Zucchini relish (A Veggie Venture) or Zucchini relish (The Drinkwater Kitchen)


The opinions and information expressed in the above recipe links do not necessarily reflect the views of the Food Security Network NL or the Root Cellars Rock project and may not include the most up-to-date health and food safety best practices. Recipe links are chosen because they feature ingredients that can be sourced locally in Newfoundland and Labrador and are prepared easily in home kitchens. For more information on health and nutrition in Newfoundland and Labrador refer to the Department of Health and Community Services. For more information on food safety refer to Health Canada Food Safety. For health and safety guidelines to follow when canning and preserving food refer to Health Canada’s Food Safety for Home Canning and the National Center for Home Food Preservation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the recipes, email or call (709) 237-4026.