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Chive blossom vinegar, photo credit: http://media.photobucket.com/image/herb%20vinegar/HealingSpace_album/Herbs/Vinegar.jpg?o=1

Beet and maple vinaigrette

Partridgeberry vinaigrette

Red onion vinaigrette


Basil pesto with walnuts (Sinfully Delicious)

Carrot greens pesto (Recipe Relay) or Carrot greens pesto (Roots by Diane Morgan)

Cilantro pesto (Be Nourished with Rebecca Wood)

Garlic scape pesto (Closet Cooking)

Kale pesto (treehugger)

Sorrel pesto (Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

Spicy sage and parsley pesto (Nourish Network)

Spinach pesto (Save-ory Kitchen)

Other Recipe Links

Beet hummus (Lentilbreakdown)

Beetroot-sun dip, vegan (Scandi Foodie)

Beet tapenade (The Inspired Vegan by Bryant Terry)

Blueberry salsa (The Kitchen is my Playground)

Blueberry vinaigrette (Food.com)

Butter, homemade  (Sustainable Baby Steps) or Butter (Survival Girl)

Buttermilk ranch dressing (Simple Bites)

Cranberry barbecue sauce (Whole Foods Market)

Cranberry butter (Tasty Kitchen)

Cranberry relish (Simply Recipes)

Crème fraiche (Food Wishes Video Recipes)

Four thieves vinegar (Nourished Kitchen)

Garlic herb vinaigrette (Simple Bites)

Green chutney (tarladalal)

Horseradish (Simply Recipes)

Ketchup (two tarts)

Marinated garlic two ways- herb & spice, and soy miso (Life Currents)

Pizza sauce (Handle the Heat)

Pumpkin almond butter (Specialty Cake Creations)

Pumpkin butter (kittycooks)

Pumpkin hummus (Domestic Fits)

Roasted garlic and white bean dip (rainy day gal)

Roasted garlic hummus (Just a taste)

Roasted tomato marinara sauce with garlic and oregano (A Food Centric Life)

Salsa with black beans (A New Bloom)

Spanish romesco sauce : try making it with freshly roasted peppers (Simply Recipes)

Spiced blueberry sauce

Three seasoned butters for corn on the cob (a muse in my kitchen)

Toasted garlic and chive endamame  hummus (Aida Mollenkamp)

Tomato rosemary confit (cooking on the weekends)

Vegetable hummus (Bitter Sweet)

Vinegar infused with chive blossoms (vegetable gardener)

Zucchini almond dip (Scandi Foodie)


The opinions and information expressed in the above recipe links do not necessarily reflect the views of the Food Security Network NL or the Root Cellars Rock project and may not include the most up-to-date health and food safety best practices. Recipe links are chosen because they feature ingredients that can be sourced locally in Newfoundland and Labrador and are prepared easily in home kitchens. For more information on health and nutrition in Newfoundland and Labrador refer to the Department of Health and Community Services. For more information on food safety refer to Health Canada Food Safety. For health and safety guidelines to follow when canning and preserving food refer to Health Canada’s Food Safety for Home Canning and the National Center for Home Food Preservation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the recipes, email info@rootcellarsrock.ca or call (709) 237-4026.