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Baked cod and wild food stir-fry

Colourful baked cod

Fish cakes with tartar sauce

Fried capelin

Grilled chicken with garlic tahini Swiss chard and quinoa

Pulled moose with carrots and blueberry coleslaw

Seared halibut with tomatoes, sprouts and a basil vinaigrette

Recipe Collections

All About Moose- Recipes

Beef Recipes (Whispering Meadows Family Farm)

Caribou Cakes: Reflections and Recipes of Labrador Food (excerpt, book out of print but available through NLPL)

Fish & seafood (This Fish)

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook– wild game, fish & seafood, charcuterie

Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living (NAHO)

Wild Game Recipes


Other Recipe Links

Baked rabbit and vegetables (Misshomemade)

Beef jerky done in the oven (Taste for Adventure)

Beef and Guinness pie with chanterelles (Cooking Melangery)

Beef pot roast with vegetables, slow cooker (Canadian Living)

Boiled crabs with fennel and lemon-fennel tartar sauce (ang sarap)

Braised lamb shanks with Yorkshire-style pudding and root vegetables (Wholesome Cook)

Butter chicken (Jo Cooks)

Cajun cornbread dressing, uses chicken livers and gizzards (Snippets of Thyme)

Cedar planked salmon with lemon dill butter and rainbow grilled carrots (Grill grrrl)

Chicken and kale casserole (Martha Stewart)

Chicken and spinach lasagna (tarte pink)

Chicken and veggie kabobs (Whole Foods)

Chicken roasted with vegetables (Milk Glass Kitchen)

Chicken salsa ranch wraps (Kitchen Simplicity)

Cod teriyaki with ginger scallion noodles (Life is Great)

Cod with a salsa twist (Kayotic Kitchen)

Dijon chicken linguine with chanterelle mushrooms and toasted almonds (Rock Recipes)

Duck with parsnip puree and red wine sauce (Gourmantine’s Blog)

Fish and potato pie (The Little Teochew)

Fish cakes ( or Curry fish cakes with chutney (Majumder Manor and Todd Perrin)

Fish curry (Anja’s Food 4 Thought)

Garlic chicken (Playful Cooking)

Gnocchi with sausage, fennel and tomatoes (Diva Eats Italia)

Goose, roasted from scratch, *graphic photos of plucking and dressing* (Hungry Native)

Greek chicken and potatoes (Heather Christo Cooks)

Grilled chicken with fresh herbs (Whole Foods Market)

Grilled soft shell crab (livefire)

Herbed salmon (Food-Fitness-Fresh Air)

Homemade breakfast sausage (Healthy Green Kitchen)

Honey and herb roasted chicken (The Shiksa in the Kitchen)

Hot chicken wings (inspired taste)

Individual chicken or turkey pot pies (Kneady Sweetie)

Japanese pork cutlet- Tonkatsu (The Culinary Chronicles)

Lamb chops (Italian Chef Blog)

Lamb dumplings (Wholesome Cook)

Lamb ragout (Martetatin)

Lemony fish with sauteed kale and heirloom carrots (Scandi Foodie)

Maple syrup slow cooked lamb (Hotly Spiced)

Meatloaf with tomato sauce (Cooking in Sens)

Moose burgers (

Moose, pulled; done in a slow cooker with carrots (All About Moose)

Moose roast in slow cooker (

Mussels in lemon and garlic broth (Roost)

Mussels with garlic butter and cream ale (Majumder Manor & Todd Perrin)

Newfoundland savoury fish (Tidespoint)

Pan roasted chicken and celery (Tastespotting)

Pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe (A Full Measure of Happiness)

Pumpkin and meatball risotto (tea for six)

Rabbit, piecing instructions (Culinate)

Ribs in a slow cooker (Mmm…is for Mommy!)

Salmon and spinach fettuccine (BS’ in the Kitchen)

Salmon baked in foil with pesto and green beans (Eats Well With Others)

Salmon pizza (Espresso & Cream)

Salmon, spinach and parsley tart (My Kitchen Snippets)

Salt cod with potatoes, onions and black olives (Traverse Gardens)

Salt fish with bean sprouts (messywitchen)

Santa Fe chicken, slow cooker (Katrina Runs for Food)

Sausage and kale mock lasagna casserole (Kalyn’s Kitchen)

Sausage stuffing baked in onions (The Endless Meal)

Scotch pies (Canadian Living)

Shrimp and quinoa with fresh herbs, vegetables and feta cheese (Barbells and Bellinis)

Shrimp marinated in roasted garlic (A Food Centric Life)

Simple baked fish (On Mondays we Dance)

Skillet cheesy chicken and broccoli with rice (Heat Oven to 350)

Sloppy Joes loaded with vegetables (Simply Delicious)

Smoked trout tart (Tart du Jour)

Spiced duck breast with orange shallot sauce (wishfulcook)

Spiced lamb burgers with caramelized onions (What’s for Lunch, Honey?)

Spicy chicken skewers (Living Lou)

Steak and caramelized onion sandwich (Greedy Gourmet)

Thai beef with cabbage (Bev Cooks)

Thai turkey basil lettuce wraps (New Asian Cuisine)

Trout with spice rub (Two Hot Potatoes)

Turkey burgers (What Megan’s Making) and Spinach feta turkey burgers (A Zesty Bite)

Turkey legs with vegetable rice (Good Cooks)

Turkey maple sausage patties (Spoonful)

Turkey meatballs with rustic tomato sauce (A Better Happier St. Sebastian)

Udon pork noodle bowl (Guilty Kitchen)

Whole chicken in a slow cooker (the little kitchen)

Zucchini wrapped lamb kebabs in sweet tomato sauce (Ohh, Look…Food & Craft)


The opinions and information expressed in the above recipe links do not necessarily reflect the views of the Food Security Network NL or the Root Cellars Rock project and may not include the most up-to-date health and food safety best practices. Recipe links are chosen because they feature ingredients that can be sourced locally in Newfoundland and Labrador and are prepared easily in home kitchens. For more information on health and nutrition in Newfoundland and Labrador refer to the Department of Health and Community Services. For more information on food safety refer to Health Canada Food Safety. For health and safety guidelines to follow when canning and preserving food refer to Health Canada’s Food Safety for Home Canning and the National Center for Home Food Preservation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the recipes, email or call (709) 237-4026.