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Moose & vegetable goulash

Seafood bisque

Spiced carrot soup

Spicy pumpkin soup

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Asparagus springtime soup (Culinate)

Beef lentil stew (Cooking in Sens)

Beet and fennel soup with kefir (bon appétit)

Black bean stew with butternut squash (Liv Life)

Bone marrow soup with vegetables (Simply Gourmet Photography)

Borscht with cabbage and black beans (sweet sugar bean)

Brown rice, butternut squash, fennel and kale soup (Earth911)

Caldo verde: Portuguese soup with kale, garlic, sausage and potatoes (Pinch and Swirl)

Caribou stew with pearl onions and mushrooms (Bidgood’s)

Carrot cilantro soup (manifest: vegan)

Carrot ginger soup (Earth911)

Cauliflower chowder (The Miniature Moose)

Cauliflower white cheddar soup in homemade bread bowls (Cooking Classy)

Celery root and parsnip soup (TasteFood)

Celery root soup (David Lebovitz)

Chard and lentil soup (Culinate)

Chard, fennel and cannellini bean soup (Earth911)

Chicken and white bean chili (amy bites)

Chicken noodle soup (A Healthy Life for Me)

Chicken soup (Beyond Kimchee)

Chicken soup with kale, garlic and sweet potatoes (fresh tart)

Chili cheese fries with potatoes that are baked (use real butter)

Cod in garlic-ginger broth (Steamy Kitchen)

Creamy carrot soup with cumin and coconut (the purple calabash)

Cream of celery root soup (Aunt Clara’s Kitchen Dominican Cooking)

Cream of fennel soup with honey and thyme (edible ireland)

Cream of fiddlehead soup (Kitschsplosion)

Cream of mushroom soup, recipes at end of post (Will Cook for Friends)

Cream of sorrel and asparagus soup (Well Preserved)

Curried butternut soup (Elise’s Kitchen)

Early autumn minestrone (Jamie Oliver)

Egg drop soup (Budget Bytes)

Fish stew (Simply Recipes) or Fish stew with chard and garlic toasts (Whole Foods Market)

Fish stock (Honest Vanilla)

French onion soup, vegetarian (Leaf + Grain)

Fresh tomato soup (Former Chef)

Garlic soup with a fried egg (Dara & Co.- Minnesota Monthly)

Herbed potato soup (Healthy Happy Life)

Italian sausage and kale soup (Good Life Eats)

Kale and cannellini bean stew (Tastespotting) or Kale, cannellini bean and potato soup (Food Wanderings)

Kale and pumpkin ministra (Leek Soup)

Kale and roasted sweet potato soup with chicken sausage (Forty Chestnuts)

Kohlrabi cream soup (About)

Korean spicy green onion and beef soup (Week of Menus)

Leek and potato soup (A Little Zaftig)

Lemony parsley and egg soup (Stylish Cuisine)

Lentil soup (Earth911)

Mexican chicken and beans stew (Simply Delicious)

Mexican chicken noodle soup (Mom de Cuisine)

Moose sherry stew (The Moose Curry Experience)

Moroccan spiced carrot soup (Veggie 101)

Mushroom barley soup with miso and kale (Taste Food)

Mushroom stock, recipes at end of post (Will Cook for Friends)

Parsnip spiced soup (Grown to Cook)

Portuguese cabbage soup (Honest Cooking)

Potato, carrot and leek chowder (Simply Life)

Pumpkin black bean soup (Dishing the Divine)

Pumpkin celeriac soup (Jungle Frog Cooking)

Red bean stew (New York Times)

Roasted parsnip and apple soup (Guilty Kitchen)

Roasted root vegetable soup (Earth911)

Roasted vegetable stock (Bunkycooks)

Rustic cabbage soup (101 Cookbooks)

Salmon chowder with cauliflower and spinach (TasteFood)

Shrimp and rice pottage (Aunt Clara’s Kitchen Dominican Cooking)

Slow roasted tomato soup (babble, Gwyneth Paltrow)

Slow roasted vegetable soup (Cooking with Strawberry Tsunami)

Spicy butternut squash and chickpea stew (Culinate)

Spicy collards and black-eyed pea soup (FatFree Vegan Kitchen)

Spicy seafood stew with chorizo sausage (Wishful Chef)

Split pea and lentil soup (The Bay Vegetarian)

Squash and carrot stew (Kitchen Parade)

Stinging nettles soup (Scandi Foodie)

St. John’s stout stew (Rock Recipes)

Thai-spiced pumpkin soup (101 Cookbooks)

Taleshko vareno- Bulgarian beef soup (The world of food and cooking)

Turkey, kale and sorghum soup, substitute another grain if you would like (80twenty)

Turkey soup (Simply Recipes)

Turkey white bean pumpkin chili (Gina’s Skinny Recipes) or Turkey chili with white beans (daily burn)

Vegetable Broth (A Food Centric Life), Vegetable broth (Chow) and Vegetable broth (A Couple Cooks)

Vegetarian chili (Sprout and Pea) or Vegetarian chili with baked fries (The Bay Vegetarian)

Veggie pot pie soup (Shop.Cook.Make)

Venison and root vegetable stew (simmer down!)

White bean and kale soup with roasted sausages and tomatoes (My Kitchen Addiction) or Sausage, kale and bean soup, crock pot (A Full Measure of Happiness)

White chicken chili (Kitchen Trial and Error)

Yellow split pea soup (Foy Update)

Zucchini garlic soup (the kitchen)

Zucchini stew (Savory Notes)

Zucchini tomato goulash (Blue Kitchen)


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