FSN Film Library sends free food documentaries across the province for public screenings


For the past several years FSN has been purchasing screening rights to a new documentary each year to share across the province for World Food Day. We also just recently released our own film series called All Around the Table. We’ve got a solid collection of films now that community groups across the province can borrow to use for events. There’s no charge for borrowing a film from the FSN library, all that’s required is a promise to mail the film back when your group is done with it. […]

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Internet Favourite!

Tipnut's cover girl

Have any of you seen the site Tipnut yet? It’s my new favourite thing on the internet; I’m pretty hooked on it. An almost endless supply of tips, tutorials and freebies for home, kitchen and garden. […]

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From Garden to Classroom

newspaper pots

MUN Botanical Garden has recently released From Garden to Classroom: Activity and Resource Guide . It walks you through dozens of activities and even more information to inspire youth to explore the natural world. And it’s not about talking at kids, it’s about giving them the resources to get right into the thick of things, hands in the dirt, learning through play, and really connecting with their natural surroundings on all levels. […]

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Food Skills Workshop Pilot


On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Root Cellars Rock piloted its Food Skills Workshop initiative at The Lantern, in St. John’s. The Food Skills Workshops Kit is intended to assist community organizations and individuals who are interested in learning and sharing skills related to picking, planting, preserving and preparing local food. Later this year, FSN will be offering materials for how to host Food Skills Workshops on composting, container gardening, using culinary herbs, preparing local vegetables, seed saving, edible wild plants, safe canning and preserving and root cellars and cold storage! […]

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